I wanted to find a new apartment to rent. My lease was almost up and I wanted to find a place that would allow pets. The place I was living in didn’t allow them at all, not even with a deposit. I really liked my apartment, but wanted to get a cat or dog. I started searching around to see if I could find any apartments for rent in Covina, CA that would allow animals.

I went online and searched for apartments in Covina, CA. I found several websites in the search results that had listings for the available apartments in that area. I clicked on one of the websites which had a compiled list of apartments in the area. I was able to filter my search to see only the apartments that would allow pets. I found several nice apartments on this website that were within my price range and just what I was looking for. I saved the ones I found that I liked, but I wanted to keep searching.

I went back to the search results and clicked on a couple of the other websites that came up with apartment rentals in Covina. I looked through classified listings to see what I could find there. I found apartment listings, but they didn’t say whether they allowed pets. I was able to contact them through the website to ask. One of the apartments did allow pets and since I was already in contact with the landlord, I set up an appointment so I could see it in person.

After looking at the apartment I found on the classified site, I decided it was perfect. The landlord was nice and I was pleased with the location of the apartment and the size. It was a little cheaper than others I had saved too. I let the landlord know that I would take it and asked what I would need to do in order to get moved in. He gave me the amount I would need to put down for the deposit and the first and last month’s rent. I ran to the bank to get him the cash and when I returned he had the lease agreement ready. I signed the lease and he handed over the keys so I could start moving in.

I love my new apartment, but haven’t decided what kind of pet I want to get yet. I’m glad I have that option now since I didn’t before.